Shipwreck Park Pompano Beach has partnered with the Sands Harbor Resort & Marina and a group of determined South Florida-based volunteers to create The Water Project. This project will fund desalination units to provide sustainable, clean water in towns throughout the hard hit areas where there is no infrastructure left. Desalination essentially strips ocean water of its salt content to create fresh water for the community. One desalination unit in a town can provide fresh water for hundreds.

Crystal Quest Desalination System

One of the unique ways donations and event proceeds will be deployed to aid in rebuilding is to purchase, distribute and install packaged reverse osmosis units that will convert sea water into fresh potable water.  These units will consist of a small generator for producing the power to run the reverse osmosis units, the reverse osmosis device, a large tank to store the water and a shed to house the equipment.  Each unit is capable of producing 1,800 gallons of water a day and is scalable to 2200 gallons.  We estimate that the average cost of each system installed to be approximately $7,500. Our goal is to deploy at least 50 units.

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